Disneyland Resort Paris®

Disneyland resort Paris brings the magic home to you. We at Co-operative Travel have Disney breaks at Disney’s European resort that will whisk you there in under three hours.

Disney holidays don’t have to mean long-haul flights – or flying at all. Located at Marne-la-Vallée, just outside Paris, the Eurotunnel has made things easier than ever. Disneyland packages by Eurostar Express will zip you directly from St Pancras to the Disney resort in under 3 hours, or you can drive yourself if you prefer. Disney packages by coach are also available. If you prefer to fly, Paris is served by two airports, with shuttle transfers getting you to the Disney hotels in as little as an hour.

Book Disneyland deals in Paris, and you have all the thrills of the Disneyland theme park, with nearly 50 attractions spread over five “lands”. A unique blend of US and French influences, Le Château de la Belle au Bois is as recognisable as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle ever was, with radiating pathways taking you to the various attractions of Fantasyland, Frontierland, Discoveryland and Main Street USA. Walk across the pleasant park, or catch the Disney Railroad train, which stops at all the major attractions.

Accommodation at the Disneyland resort Paris is in seven American-themed Disneyland hotels, the most prestigious of which is the de-lux Disneyland Hotel, loosely themed on the opulent Victorian hotels of 19th century America. Disney breaks in the New York hotel are full of Art Deco imagery, while Sequoia Lodge evokes the atmosphere of Yellowstone Park. Disneyland holidays at the Davy Crockett Range offer self-catering accommodation in authentic log cabins. The Cheyenne, Santa Fe, and Newport Bay Club Disney hotels are equally evocative. All Disney packages have a wide range of dining, entertainment and activity options, both at the individual sites and at the central Disney Village complex.

We at Co-operative Travel offer Disneyland deals to suit all budgets and tastes. From the horse-drawn streetcars of Main Street, to the white-knuckle thrills of Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland resort Paris offers something for everyone.

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