The Magic of Lapland

I was a bit sceptical about going to Lapland, I had preconceptions of a gimmicky resort which would leave us disappointed. I was so wrong! After 3 nights, I was in love with Lapland, and I’m sure if you give it a chance, you will be too...

Exploring the Rhine with Scenic

Back in May a handful of your local Co-op Travel Agents tested out a Scenic river cruise from Basel in Switzerland to Rüdesheim, Germany. Scenic is a luxury brand that specialises in the river cruise market and we had the chance to really get to know what’s on offer whilst spending 3 nights on board their beautiful Space-Ship, Ruby. We think you deserve to know what we found!!

An American Dream Comes True

One of the most thrilling cruise experiences known to man is sailing past the statue of liberty A transatlantic crossing on Queen Mary 2 is the most stylish way to arrive in New York, says Deborah Stone. Follow the couple’s transatlantic crossing to New York. Dawn was breaking as we sailed past the Statue of Liberty … Continue reading An American Dream Comes True