Fairtrade Fortnight with Co-operative Travel

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight at Midcounties Co-operative. Running from 25th February to 10th March 2019, Fairtrade Fortnight is a celebration of the importance of Fairtrade. Fairtrade is a great way of being socially responsible – one of Co-operative Travel’s most important values – and helps ensure that workers in poorer countries are paid fair wages. We … Continue reading Fairtrade Fortnight with Co-operative Travel

The top European festive markets in 2018

The twinkling lights, the jolly music, the warming tipples, the spiced snacks … is Christmas even Christmas before you visit a festive market? All over the globe, Christmas markets put families, friends, and acquaintances firmly in the holiday spirit. We might even say that it’s impossible to find a place more festive than a Christmas … Continue reading The top European festive markets in 2018

Sukie Rapal: Turkey sliders baked at 40°C – highly recommended

Head of Midcounties digital team Sukie Rapal recently returned from a heavenly visit to Antalya in Turkey, where she and her family fell in love with the resort’s food, weather, and water shoots. Let’s hear about the lows and the highs, and the slips and the slides of Sukie’s hot, hot holiday. Touching down in … Continue reading Sukie Rapal: Turkey sliders baked at 40°C – highly recommended

Ryan McVinnie: My top 5 highlights from the NCL Bliss

Co-operative Travel’s Ryan McVinnie was lucky enough to experience the maiden voyage of the 9th largest cruise ship in the world: the NCL Bliss. Now that the ship has completed its first journey, it will be revealing the magical sights of Alaska and the tropical paradise of the Caribbean to its guests. It’s fair to … Continue reading Ryan McVinnie: My top 5 highlights from the NCL Bliss

Turn your holiday green with these eco-pledges

It’s easy to ignore the negative impact tourism can have on holiday destinations across the world, but we shouldn’t. Have you ever considered the environmental problems caused by the extra litter, the increased pollution, and the risks to the wildlife? Here at the Coop Travel blog, we discussed how you can make a positive impact … Continue reading Turn your holiday green with these eco-pledges

Turn your holiday green – and win a GoPro!

In 2018, the world is looking for ways to promote more environmental awareness. Wealthy influencers, huge companies, and entire countries are putting billions of pounds into reusable energy, climate action, and recycling programmes. Most people have realised the importance of living greener – and that goes double for when you are away on holiday, visiting … Continue reading Turn your holiday green – and win a GoPro!

Brand new single traveller holidays

The range of solo holidays and experiences has exploded in recent years – and our partner Solos is expanding that choice even further. We offer single traveller holidays for over 40s, over 50s, and over 60s. These range from relaxing to energetic, and include bear watching and guided bike tours in wild Finland, walking holidays … Continue reading Brand new single traveller holidays

Discover Australia

Hello everyone! I’m Kerry, and ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with all things Australia, how far away it was and all the unusual animals I could only hope to see in real life. As a Travel Agent I have specialised in Australian holidays and love putting together the perfect packages for … Continue reading Discover Australia

Hidden Treasures of Thailand

I’m Bev, I work for Co-op Travel in Dudley and was given the chance to visit Thailand recently. When they told me I was wouldn’t be seeing any of their beautiful tropical beeches my first thoughts were… really! What else is there see and do?

Costa Rica – A Life on Tour

I'm Ian and I have 35 years (I know!!) of travel experience in different areas of the industry. I've been a rep and worked my way to branch manager, so there aren't many places I've not been. It’s always nice to travel with work, getting whisked away to sample a destination and check out great hotels. Its … Continue reading Costa Rica – A Life on Tour

When in Rome… My essential guide to the eternal city

There are some obvious things which must be done “when in Rome”, like eating as much ice cream as possible or throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain. But Rome is also this strange mix of laid-back chaos where the green cross code seems to be optional and people eat pizza for breakfast, which is why I’ve compiled my essential guide to the eternal city.

A Sandals Wedding

Congratulations to Linda and her husband Rich who are about to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary. They got married at a Sandals Resort and it was practically stress free!