The Astronomy Voyage and Northern Lights

After our recent globe-trotting adventures in the sunshine, Petra and I were ready to hit the road again. But this time around, I decided to take us to see a sight that was like nothing else on Earth - a spectacle called the Northern Lights.

Fun filled Florida

After an unforgettable day at Kennedy Space Centre, we took a short journey south to Cocoa Beach - aka heaven on earth.

Chilling out in the Costa Brava

After taking a little break from travelling, I decided it was time to head off on another adventure, but this time around, I’d have a little company – my girlfriend Petra! We met whilst salsa dancing on my trip to Cuba earlier this year.

Chilling out in Cuba

After already visiting 7 amazing countries, my global gecko adventure ended in Cuba – a country like nowhere else I’d visited. Apparently, Cuba was once completely shut off from the rest of the world and its towns and cities have barely changed in hundreds of years. It’s also a country with mile upon mile of … Continue reading Chilling out in Cuba

A Perfect Holiday in Portugal

Well, my global gecko adventure is nearly over and of all the places I’ve visited, Portugal is one of my absolute favourites - warm weather, sandy beaches, sleepy fishing villages, buzzing cities and some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with this country. As for highlights? … Continue reading A Perfect Holiday in Portugal

Living it up in London

Living it up in London

After booking my flight to London in the UK, there was one experience above all others I was most excited about - meeting the Queen! But, it turned out she was too busy and didn’t have time to fit me in. Oh well, there was so much cool stuff to do, I ended up being … Continue reading Living it up in London

Dazzling Dubai

A city full of glittering skyscrapers, luxury hotels, megamalls, beaches and a man-made island… all built in the middle of the desert. Dubai definitely sounded like a place worth visiting! I can honestly say it’s like nowhere else I’ve been to so far. Best experiences? It was a tough decision, but here are my carefully chosen … Continue reading Dazzling Dubai


Captivating Croatia

I’ve already clocked up a serious amount of miles on this global tour - especially for a gecko. And the latest part of my journey landed me in Croatia. Gorgeous beaches, epic forests, quiet fishing villages, buzzing towns for a night of partying... I completely fell in love with this country. Picking my favourite things … Continue reading Captivating Croatia


Sightseeing in Cyprus

After travelling to some incredible islands on my recent cruise around the Caribbean, the next leg of my global adventure involved visiting another stunning island - Cyprus. It’s well-known for its gorgeous beaches, pine-forested mountains, ancient historic sites, and amazing food. Oh, and apparently it gets around 340 days of sunshine a year! So basically, … Continue reading Sightseeing in Cyprus

Caribbean Cruise

A Luxury Caribbean Cruise

On the second leg of my grand adventure, I’ve set another first for gecko-kind - sailing on a cruise ship! A Princess Caribbean cruise ship to be precise. It’s basically like an enormous luxury hotel that floats on water and sails between the most exotic Caribbean islands you’ve ever seen. How cool is that? And, while … Continue reading A Luxury Caribbean Cruise

New Year in Tignes

Hi, I’m the Co-operative Travel’s friendly globetrotting Gecko. I come from a hot and sunny country – and I love visiting fun and interesting places. And while I travel, I’ll be updating this travel blog with all my fun-filled adventures. Celebrate New Year in Tignes So, I recently celebrated New Year’s Eve in the French … Continue reading New Year in Tignes