Exploring the Rhine with Scenic

Back in May a handful of your local Co-op Travel Agents tested out a Scenic river cruise from Basel in Switzerland to Rüdesheim, Germany. Scenic is a luxury brand that specialises in the river cruise market and we had the chance to really get to know what’s on offer whilst spending 3 nights on board their beautiful Space-Ship, Ruby. We think you deserve to know what we found!!

The Astronomy Voyage and Northern Lights

After our recent globe-trotting adventures in the sunshine, Petra and I were ready to hit the road again. But this time around, I decided to take us to see a sight that was like nothing else on Earth - a spectacle called the Northern Lights.

River Cruise vs Ocean Cruise – Which is best for you?

A record numbers of Brits took a cruise in 2015, with both luxury river cruises and ocean cruises proving more popular than ever before. So, if you’re thinking of embarking on a cruise, there are a few things worth bearing in mind to help you plan an unforgettable trip  that’s right up your street. Let’s … Continue reading River Cruise vs Ocean Cruise – Which is best for you?

An American Dream Comes True

One of the most thrilling cruise experiences known to man is sailing past the statue of liberty A transatlantic crossing on Queen Mary 2 is the most stylish way to arrive in New York, says Deborah Stone. Follow the couple’s transatlantic crossing to New York. Dawn was breaking as we sailed past the Statue of Liberty … Continue reading An American Dream Comes True

Solo Cruisers: 7 handy tips for first timers

The popularity of ocean and river cruises has soared in recent years. It’s estimated that 23 million holidaymakers will have taken to the high seas in 2015, with many choosing to cruise alone - where they can do as little or as much as they want. While cruise holidays may have previously been associated with … Continue reading Solo Cruisers: 7 handy tips for first timers

Caribbean Cruise

A Luxury Caribbean Cruise

On the second leg of my grand adventure, I’ve set another first for gecko-kind - sailing on a cruise ship! A Princess Caribbean cruise ship to be precise. It’s basically like an enormous luxury hotel that floats on water and sails between the most exotic Caribbean islands you’ve ever seen. How cool is that? And, while … Continue reading A Luxury Caribbean Cruise

Shore Thing – 7 great tips for a grand day out

Planning ahead will almost guarantee a great getaway. Planning your activities and booking in advance can save you both time and money when it comes to making the most of your cruise. 1. Plan ahead Pisa, Italy Booking excursions in advance with your travel advisor allows you the flexibility to budget and pay the cost … Continue reading Shore Thing – 7 great tips for a grand day out