Things to do in Asia that should be on your travel #BookItList

The Co-operative Travel £1000 Getaway Giveaway competition gives you the chance to win £1,000 towards your dream holiday, whether that would be in Europe, America, or anywhere else int he world! If you've never been, Asia is an incredible destination for holidays and adventures. To inspire you we have selected some of the incredible Asian destinations … Continue reading Things to do in Asia that should be on your travel #BookItList

Unmissable American adventures that have to be on your #BookItList

Here at Co-operative Travel, we’re always talking about where we’d love to visit on our next holiday. Isn’t everyone? From restaurants under the sea, and glorious sun-drenched beaches to far-off metropolitan cities, and rainforest explorations. We talk about luxurious hot tub holidays with partners, and solo trekking across the globe. That’s the pleasure of a … Continue reading Unmissable American adventures that have to be on your #BookItList

5 Unmissable 2019 City Breaks

A city break gives you the chance to explore a new destination without relying on fine weather or going at a particular time of year. Every city has its own character and quirks, cuisine and specialities, so there will always be something new to enjoy and a different experience to be had, wherever you go. … Continue reading 5 Unmissable 2019 City Breaks

The top European festive markets in 2018

The twinkling lights, the jolly music, the warming tipples, the spiced snacks … is Christmas even Christmas before you visit a festive market? All over the globe, Christmas markets put families, friends, and acquaintances firmly in the holiday spirit. We might even say that it’s impossible to find a place more festive than a Christmas … Continue reading The top European festive markets in 2018

When in Rome… My essential guide to the eternal city

There are some obvious things which must be done “when in Rome”, like eating as much ice cream as possible or throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain. But Rome is also this strange mix of laid-back chaos where the green cross code seems to be optional and people eat pizza for breakfast, which is why I’ve compiled my essential guide to the eternal city.

City Breaking- Our top picks!

Check out our top picks for a short break to one of our top city break destinations! Why not explore the busy streets of The Big Apple, take a dip in the famous thermal baths of Budapest, discover hidden gems in the charming streets of Dubrovnik or watch the world go by in the old … Continue reading City Breaking- Our top picks!

A culinary guide to the world's foodie hotspots

Gourmets on the go

Good cuisine is an essential part of any great holiday, so here’s a selection of destinations that are famed for their fabulous food. 1. Burgundy, France The vineyards of Cote de Beaune in Burgundy. France is, of course, regarded as the home of fine cuisine. The French are fiercely proud of their produce, and in particular, their … Continue reading Gourmets on the go

Living it up in London

Living it up in London

After booking my flight to London in the UK, there was one experience above all others I was most excited about - meeting the Queen! But, it turned out she was too busy and didn’t have time to fit me in. Oh well, there was so much cool stuff to do, I ended up being … Continue reading Living it up in London

Dazzling Dubai

A city full of glittering skyscrapers, luxury hotels, megamalls, beaches and a man-made island… all built in the middle of the desert. Dubai definitely sounded like a place worth visiting! I can honestly say it’s like nowhere else I’ve been to so far. Best experiences? It was a tough decision, but here are my carefully chosen … Continue reading Dazzling Dubai

Say Bon Voyage to 2015

New Year’s Eve: Say Bon Voyage to 2015

Each year, cities across the world come alive with a host of parties and festivals that welcome in the new year. In fact, travel industry body ABTA estimates that 3.5 million Britons are likely to head overseas for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Spending the New Year abroad can be a great way to … Continue reading New Year’s Eve: Say Bon Voyage to 2015