Cheap Holidays – Our 2020 guide on finding the best deals

Traditional summer holiday

We all know the price of holidays goes up during the summer months, so if you’re going away during the school holidays when demand is high then choosing a package holiday might be your cheapest option. Package holidays are often created with families in mind, and you can often find amazing deals for All Inclusive holidays with free child places. If you wait and book your holiday late then you could secure an even better holiday bargain to that perfect family summer holiday destination. 


Shorter breaks, unique destinations, and weekend breaks

Travellers wanting to book weekend breaks or jet off to a less popular destination might struggle to find a cheap package holiday, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a cheap deal. Finding your flights and accommodation separately can uncover some sensational deals that otherwise might be missed. At Co-op Travel we pride ourselves on being able to provide this service to our customers, helping you find the perfect holiday to any destination at the best possible prices. We will create your short break using low-cost airlines & room providers making booking with us just as easy as booking a traditional package holiday.

Book late to find some of the best deals

Ever booked a last-minute holiday and been surprised at the price you managed to get? Booking a holiday between 8 to 10 weeks before your departure should mean you’ll find some amazing deals in desirable destinations all over the world. These deals are there because tour operators would rather sell a discounted holiday than have empty plane seats and unoccupied rooms in their hotels. There are risks to booking late though: you might not have the choice of rooms, board basis or seats on the plane, but if are willing to take a chance then you’ll be hard pressed to find cheaper holidays any other time of the year.

Book early to get deals and the most choice

So (nearly) everyone knows that you can find some of the cheapest holiday deals if you book late, but did you know you can also find some amazing deals if you book early? Booking your holiday early isn’t just a way of spreading out the payments – it can also be a great way to find a brilliant holiday at a low price. Booking at the start of the year means you can take advantage of early booking discounts and January sales. You’ll also have more choice, only pay a deposit, and have several months to save to pay off the rest of your balance. Plenty of time to plan and prepare for your perfect holiday!


Go All Inclusive

All Inclusive holidays – some people love them, some people don’t understand them, but did you know that you could save money if you choose to go All Inclusive on your next holiday? Booking a package holiday with this board basis means pretty much everything is included: flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, activities and drinks – though restrictions and what’s available will differ from resort to resort obviously. So amazingly once you’ve paid for your holiday, you might not have to spend a single penny the entire time you’re there. No unexpected expensive meals or days out mean that you can enjoy your holiday without the worry of overspending or coming home and having to cut back on spending.

Go outside of school holidays

If you’re going on holiday without children, then why not go away outside of the school holidays?  With demand so high during the summer holidays, prices go up, but that means that during those months when the kids are at school the prices are lower. Going outside of the school break doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a raw deal either – popular destinations will still be experiencing warm sunny weather (the Canary Islands offer year-round sun and warm weather), the bars and shops will still be open, and popular activities will still be available. You won’t just be finding a cheaper deal if you book outside of the usual dates either, as you should also find that resorts are a little bit quieter, meaning more space on the beaches and by the pool, and less waiting at the bars. It’s a win-win situation!

Go somewhere different

Go against the norm and be a trend setter by taking a trip to somewhere different and new! This doesn’t mean you won’t have an amazing experience or enjoyable holiday. Hidden gems and upcoming destinations can often match popular destinations for things to do and gorgeous weather. However, they are often quieter and can be considerably cheaper both when you book and whilst you’re on holiday.

Just because it’s not your usual holiday destination doesn’t mean it won’t match up to last year’s trip – you never know, you might save money and have the best holiday yet.


Set a budget and stick to it

One of the most important things to bear in mind is setting a limit on what you want to spend on your booking. Making sure you’re not stretching yourself financially before you go on holiday will make for a much more enjoyable break and allow you to properly relax and unwind.

Independent travel agents will work to find you the best deal

Here at Co-op Travel we are the largest independent travel agent in the UK and we use our size to make sure you get the best possible deals available. Whether you’re after a late deal or you’re looking to book an All Inclusive luxury break for next summer, we will work for you to make sure you get the best possible holiday at the best possible price. Enquire online today, give us a call, or pop into one of our branches to start your holiday journey.

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