Unmissable American adventures that have to be on your #BookItList

Here at Co-operative Travel, we’re always talking about where we’d love to visit on our next holiday. Isn’t everyone? From restaurants under the sea, and glorious sun-drenched beaches to far-off metropolitan cities, and rainforest explorations. We talk about luxurious hot tub holidays with partners, and solo trekking across the globe. That’s the pleasure of a holiday bucket list, or as we’re calling it, a #BookItList: there’s nothing to hold you back, aside from your imagination (and money to go and do it!).

As part of our £1000 Getaway Giveaway, we’re giving you the chance to win £1,000 towards your next holiday. Just think what you could do with that! 

To help get your creative holiday ideas flowing, let’s have a look at some of our favourite American #BookItList ideas.


America is more than just the United States – it also includes North America, Central America, South America, and countless surrounding islands. That means that the terrain is even more varied than the USA itself, with baked deserts in Nevada, frozen icy tundra in the north, and jungles in South America.

From huge cities you’ve seen in a hundred Hollywood movies to quaint towns and national parks, America has so much to offer. Visit for the food, the sights, the theme parks, and the history!

Here are just a few of our favourite picks for incredible American holidays.

1. Florida – Disney World

We know that Disney World holidays aren’t original, but if you have never been before – especially if you have kids – the experience is incomparable! From the moment you step into one of the parks, you know how special a trip to Mickey’s sensational number 1 theme park really is.

Walt Disney World Florida covers an amazing 30,000 acres of land, and every step is alive with excitement and magic. Visit Toy Story Land, where Andy’s backyard is filled with friends from the hit films; explore the mystical world of Pandora from the hit film Avatar and speak to scientists wearing towering Pandora Utility Suits; meet your (or your kids’) favourite Disney characters and try not to be overwhelmed by how special each visit is.

Disney World is paradise for children and big kids alike.


2. New Orleans, Louisiana – Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a two-week, city-wide party! The French name translates to “Fat Tuesday”, as Mardi Gras starts on the Tuesday before Lent after which people traditionally started fasting. That’s when, historically, people were known to prepare by eating a lot of fatty food.

The largest parades usually happen on the weekend before Fat Tuesday and on the day itself. It’s when the whole of New Orleans fills with revellers celebrating with outlandish outfits and costumes, beautiful parade floats, and delicious foods and drink.

While you’re in New Orleans, whenever you escape from the partying, make sure you try the delicious Beignets (Louisiana doughnuts), consider taking a Swamp Tour, and look into trying a steamboat river cruise.


3. Las Vegas and the Nevada Desert – Helicopter tour

Las Vegas may be the place to spin the slots and catch breath-taking shows, but have you ever seen those flashing lights from the sky? And while many people may have visited the Grand Canyon before, there far fewer have seen it from a helicopter!

Helicopter tours in Nevada and Arizona are popular because of the rugged beauty and uniqueness of the landscape. There may be almost 300 miles by car between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, but in a helicopter you’ll fly for an hour on a soaring round trip between the two, passing over the shimmering Lake Mead and the famed Hoover Dam along the way.

An awesome, unforgettable adventure.


4. Rockies in British Colombia, Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer train will take you for a truly life-changing journey through the otherwise impenetrable Canadian Rockies. Each luxurious carriage is topped by windows through which you can see the epic scenery with its soaring mountains, lofty forests, plunging canyons, and majestic rivers.

This is a no-expenses-spared, 5* journey through some of the most riveting landscapes on the planet. From the soft comfort of your seat, the train team will do all they can to make your journey as exciting and memorable as possible – however, the views take centre stage, as the Canadian backdrop more than speaks for itself.


5. Volcano Park in Hawaii

Most people think of the beaches and surfing whenever Hawaii is mentioned but if you have ever dreamed of seeing a volcano close up, how about making it some of the most active volcanos in the world?

Holidays in Hawaii are for the most adventurous souls – especially seeing as the park was closed for 4 months in 2018 due to Mt. Kilauea erupting! Having been open again since September 22nd, 2018, you can be assured that all possible safety measures and precautions are in place. It’s an incomparable experience and visitors say that the volcano park, and in particular Mt. Kilauea, offer experiences not found in any other destination in the world.


6. See the sights in New York City

If you’re a fan of Hollywood blockbusters, you’ve probably seen plenty of stories that took place in New York City. The city’s iconic landmarks are perfect backdrops for memorable camera shots and images, and make New York holidays hugely popular for a dream city break.

New York City is romantic, it’s a hub for art, it’s got some of the greatest restaurants in the world, and it has a fantastic nightlife too.

From famed sights such as Central Park and the Manhattan skyline, to landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the World Trade Centre Memorial Foundation, New York is an awe-inspiring holiday destination.


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