Avoid buying foreign currency at the airport

The difference between buying foreign currency at the airport and buying it elsewhere can be eye-watering.


Reports during summer last year showed that some UK airports were exchanging £1 for as little as €0.90, when the pound-euro rate stood at €1.13. That would mean that if you were buying £500 of travel money, you would be losing €115 if you spent your hard-earned cash at the airport.

Think what you could do with that on your holiday!

Travel money outlets at airports know that they have a captive audience, and that if a buyer, like you, hasn’t organised their travel money in advance, then you will have no choice but to pay the amount they ask for. That’s why an airport travel money desk can offer incredibly poor exchange rates, boosting their profits while cutting your spending budget.


It is so important to plan how you are going to arrange your travel money, way in advance of your flight. By researching the different travel money options you have to choose from – hard cash, prepaid currency cards, and so on – you can make sure you don’t leave yourself at the mercy of the airport’s travel money desk, which will cost you a great deal for the sake of convenience.

Our travel experts are on hand in branch to help you budget for any upcoming travel arrangements.


Don’t be tempted to leave arranging your travel money until the last minute. Get in touch with Co-operative Travel today by making a no-obligation foreign exchange enquiry by filling out this form, and see how we can help you with your travel money.

Don’t forget we offer a commission free buy back service if you have unused currency left when you get back.

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