Theme parks in Gran Canaria

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While most people will choose a Gran Canaria holiday for the beautiful beaches and spectacular weather, the theme parks are a good enough excuse to visit on their own.

From hi-octane, pulse-pumping action to some of the most soothing sights in the world, and from swimming underwater to flying through the air, Gran Canaria is a fun-filled escape for the whole family.

At Coop Travel, we like showcasing the best experiences available across Europe and the world, so let us take you on a whirlwind tour of Gran Canaria’s seven best theme parks, which are just waiting to entertain you and yours.

Dive in!

Aqualand Maspalomas

Flumes, waterslides, and even swimming with sea lions – it’s all here at Aqualand, your adrenaline-fuelled ticket to fun in the sun.

Aqualand is an outdoor waterpark that’s packed with over 20 attractions to enjoy throughout the day, including a huge watery toboggan run called Anaconda, a long, winding rapids for rafting, an 8-lane water maze, and more.

Waiting for visitors at the south of the island, Aqualand is a must-visit for whenever you want to cool off and make a splash.


Holiday World Maspalomas

One of the more traditional theme parks on the island, Holiday World Maspalomas is the largest fairground in Gran Canaria. Everything you would expect from a theme park (and more) can be found here, with many rides offering dizzying heights and hectic speeds.

Entrance to the park is free, and the rides come with an innovative system that uses top-up points-cards to pay for the rides.

Tilt 70 degrees on the swooping pirate ship, lose your stomach freefalling 20 metres on the Sky Drop, see to the horizon on the calming big wheel, and if you are with younger children, show them the roundabout, the bumper cars and the Octopus.

Hangar 37

Don your safety gear and prepare for war – Hangar 37 is an airsoft battle simulation site like no other in Europe!

Over 10,000 square metres of basements, tunnels, trenches, and hideouts awaits you, where you can enjoy a painless but adrenaline-fuelled struggle for victory, defeating your friends by shooting them with tiny plastic ball bearings.

A new game starts every 10 minutes, meaning that you can join at almost any time, no matter who you are with.


Angry Birds Activity Park

If you’ve ever played the popular Angry Birds mobile game, you’ll be familiar with these adorable, grumpy, and probably concussed characters who spend their lives being catapulted into buildings.

Head to the theme park based around their lives, where you and your kids can fight back against the equally angry pigs, ride zip-wires and pedal cars, play games and sports, and have a real avian adventure.

In Gran Canaria’s Puerto Rico, you’ll struggle to find a more fun-filled day out than at the Angry Birds Activity Park.


Acuario Poema Del Mar

This magnificent aquarium welcomes you to take a trip beneath the waves and meet some of the planet’s most unique creatures, face-to-face.

Featuring the largest curved window ever built, which weighs over 140 tons and measures 36 metres long and 7 metres high, Acuario Poema Del Mar will introduce you to over 350 different species of underwater creatures hailing from continents across the world.

The whole attraction is a tour through some of the most interesting environments on the planet, from the jungle, to the lower reefs, to the deep ocean.


Palmitos Park Maspalomas

This is the park to visit if you want a close encounter of the furred, or scaled, kind. This garden, aviary and zoo invites you to embrace nature beneath the Gran Canarian sun, as well as a fresh water aquarium.

See dolphins perform flips, exotic birds show off their incredible colours, marsupials hop, venomous fish dart through the waters and komodo dragons stare at you without pity, as if you were on the menu for dinner.

It’s a wild ride from start to finish, featuring creatures of jaw-dropping beauty and sights you’ll never forget.


Sioux City Park

Get ready for a rootin’, tootin’ time in the Wild West, at this fascinating attraction offering you a real slice of American life – from the late 1800s.

During your day at Sioux City Park, you’ll meet cowboys and outlaws, sheriffs and blacksmiths, all interacting and performing in a spectacular live action show, just for you. They’ll ride horses, throw lassos and knives, and teach you about the Old West, as it might really have been.

You can even ride a horse yourself!



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