Top 10 things to do in the Caribbean & Mexico.

The masters of all-inclusive luxury, in some of the most picturesque settings, has to be the Caribbean Islands and Mexico. There is, however, far more to do in Mexico and the Caribbean than sunbathing on bleached white sand beaches and admiring the clear blue skies – there’s a world of experiences.

At Co-op Travel, we’re focussed on letting you know those little golden nuggets of information that will ensure you have the most amazing holiday; that’s why we’ve put together our top ten things to do list for you.


  1. Ruins steeped in history — Riviera Maya, Mexico

We highly recommend a visit to the Tulum ruins to visit the Maya Temple; take mosquito repellent, water, a towel and swims to enjoy a frothy dip. Enjoy a lunchtime treat in Boca Paila, which is full of boutique hotels, casual chic restaurants, fashion stores, bars and spots to enjoy a drink near the beach. Then head out to see the wonder of Yucatan’s grandest archaeological site, Chichén Itzá – a pyramid whose stones hold Mayan history. It would also be remiss not to visit Xel-Ha, the largest natural aquarium in the world.


  1. Caves carved out of the heart of Caicos Island — Turks & Caicos

Our top tip to experience something truly unique is the Conch Bar and Indian caves, where you’ll be transported to what seems like an underground world. These caves cut deep into the limestone rock beds, forming a labyrinth of tunnels steeped in history.


  1. Downward dog in Bermuda

If you’re keen on performing a downward dog yoga position, then why not try it on a paddleboard for that ultimate challenge. Not challenging enough? Well, you could try flyboarding, flying 35 feet above the sea for fun or take a relaxing hydrobike across the waters.


  1. Follow in the footsteps of Columbus in the Cayman Islands

If there is one reason to visit the Cayman Islands, it’s to follow the path of Christopher Columbus and see the famous Cayman turtles. Although their numbers have sadly decreased, the Cayman Turtle Farm has taken on the job of protecting and encouraging their survival. You can also explore lagoons teaming with marine life and take guided tours to see colourful exotic birds.


  1. A horticulturist’s dream in Barbados

With over two thousand reviews on TripAdvisor at five stars, there is a reason why Hunte’s Gardens entices people to visit from across the globe. Based in the fertile hills of St. Joseph’s, they are a paradise for nature lovers. Created by horticulturist, Anthony Hunte, this densely grown garden offers a multidimensional experience from sunny open spaces to the dark heart of the Caribbean jungle.


  1. The need for speed in Grenada

If you’d like to experience speed, love the sea and want to learn about Grenada, then why not try a powerboat sightseeing tour. You can go on a brand new adventure at the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park and enjoy Molinier Bay St George’s and Morne Rouge Bay.


  1. View St. Lucia from the sea

If you’d like to see the best that St. Lucia can offer, then we fully recommend a catamaran tour. You’ll have an expert crew, the chance to soak up the sun, sip some local rum and explore places like Morne Coubrail (where you can go ziplining), the sulphur springs for an unusual dip, Tortaille Waterfall and the charming town of Soufriere. You’ll also get the chance to snorkel in Anse Cochon and Marigot Bay.


  1. Dune buggy fun in the Dominican Republic

A dune buggy is quite possibly the most exciting way to explore some of the Dominican. The Punta Cana half-day buggy trip takes you across civilised roads, bumpy farmland, beaches and even plantations. This adrenaline-filled experience is not to be missed.


  1. A Jamaican Outback Adventure

Over 4000 people reviewed the Outback Adventure as the best way to see Jamaica, giving it five stars. You’ll get to see where coffee, chocolate and bananas start their journey, discover small towns and beaches and even the Jamaican countryside.


  1. Aruba’s finest beaches

In Aruba, there seems to be a lot of competition for the best beach reviews, however, and although we believe that Palm Beach is beautiful, we think the Arashi Beach is a little more secluded, and it’s also known for snorkelling, windsurfing, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and sailing.


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