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Hello everyone! I’m Kerry, and ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with all things Australia, how far away it was and all the unusual animals I could only hope to see in real life. As a Travel Agent I have specialised in Australian holidays and love putting together the perfect packages for my customers. I’m even an official Australia Specialist for Tourism Australia. Using my own experience of the country and things I’ve learnt on the job, I’ve put together a little guide to the stops which I think should be on everyone’s Australian Itinerary.


Perth and its surrounding areas are so green, and life seems to revolve around the wildlife and the grasslands. It feels quite British in Perth as there are a lot of expats who have settled there.


At an absolute minimum I would say give Perth 4 days of your holiday because there is just so much to do. Some of the highlights include swimming with wild dolphins in Rockingham or cycling around the untouched Rottnest Island, home to a large population of Quokkas. In Swan Valley, to the east of Perth, there are wineries and vineyards for you to tour, there’s even the odd chocolate factory open to the public!

Not forgetting, just a few hours to the south lies Cape Leeuwin, where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. It might be a bit of a drive, but you’ll be fine to hire a car because they drive on the correct side of the road!



Sydney is another 4-dayer, and those will be full days! Obviously there are some absolute must see sights, the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge (which I definitely recommend you climb!), and don’t forget Bondi beach. Bondi beach does get very busy, unsurprisingly, so if you’re after something a little quieter than I would recommend Manly Beach; it’s still busy but it’s got more families and fewer surfers.


Also worth checking out in Sydney is Darling Harbour and the Blue Mountains. There’s plenty to eat, do and shop for in Darling Harbour and you can keep yourself very busy there. The Blue Mountains and its range’s legendary Three Sisters can fill a whole day. There are plenty of walking trails and you can ride on the worlds’ steepest railway; a cable car that descends more than 300m, delivering you to the rainforest floor.


Cairns is located in the tropical north of Queensland on Eastern Australia and is THE place to go to see the Great Barrier Reef; I recommend a full week in Cairns and the surrounding area.

Given its location, there are plenty of diving / snorkelling boat trips available, I would recommend pre-booking before you go though. If you book in advance you can check out group sizes and durations which you might not get as much control over if you just turn up.


There are also rainforests and beaches, gorges and waterfalls – if you’re after some adventure then you’ll find it in Cairns.


Brisbane is the base point for ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ and is also the capital of Queensland – but still amazingly over 2 hours by plane from Cairns! It’s about an hour from the city centre to the Gold Coast (there a loads of excursions to choose from) and because of this, they’ve actually created in-city beaches and water parks.

One major highlight of Brisbane has to be the Steve Erwin Australia Zoo. It’s huge, and like no other zoo you’ll have been to!


You’ll probably need to put aside about 5 days for Brisbane and the surrounding area.


Capital of Victoria, Melbourne is most southerly city on my list. You’ll need a minimum of 4 days to make the most of Melbourne which has a very cosmopolitan feel to it. It’s trendy and very popular with sporting events like Formula One.

I recommend checking out Phillip Island; it’s an animal lovers’ paradise! There’s Koalas, Sea Lions, Whales and even Penguins! There are boat trips around the island too to help you see it all.


If you fancy it, why not drive between Sydney and Melbourne? The coastal drive would take 19 hours total but there is so much to see that you can book some hotels along the way, take a week and make a real road trip out of it.

Excited yet? I can help you plan your perfect Australian adventure – all you’ve got to do is ask! There is so much going on in Australia that of course I’ve not covered it all here, and if you’re after something I’ve not mentioned, don’t worry I’ll still be able to help you create the holiday of your dreams.

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The views and opinions expressed in this blog are that of the author and not necessarily representative of Co-operative Travel or Midcounties Co-operative.

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