Long Stay Holidays – 5 things you need to know

Long stay holidays are a great way to get away from the bitter British winterLong, cold winter nights can only mean one thing – thoughts of your next holiday and taking a well-earned break! Away from the traditional one or two week trip, there’s another option that’s becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers – the long stay holiday

Far from being more expensive, you might find that many hotels actually offer discounts if you’re staying with them for a longer period of time.

To help get you started, here are our top five things to consider before booking that extended break in the sunshine.

1. Research, Research, Research!

Dubai is a great choice for a long winter getawayDubai is a great destination for a winter holiday

Before booking your holiday, have a good think about how long you want to go for, how much you can afford and what exactly you want to get from it. If you’re in a position to really make the most of a long stay holiday, why not enjoy it in the lap of luxury?

Dubai is a destination that’s rapidly developing into a go to destination for many Western holidaymakers keen to experience the opulence, generosity and sheer luxury that the United Arab Emirates has to offer.

Situated on Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah, the five star Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort represents a wonderful collision of stunning interior design, comfort and breathtaking views. What’s particularly incredible about the Anantara is that it offers genuinely good deals. For example, if you want to stay beyond 30 nights, they offer a whopping 40 per cent discount on their one and two bedroom apartments!

A trip to Dubai will be jam-packed full of activities ranging from water sports to area excursions, including long-tail boat rides, dune safaris, and museum and city tours to get a first-hand view of the sprawling metropolis that makes Dubai such a unique city. What’s more, with more than 300 days of sunshine each year, you’re practically guaranteed fantastic weather too.

2. Consider the Health Benefits

An extended stay in a warmer climate comes with many health benefitsA long break in  a warmer climate can do wonders for your health

One of the huge benefits of taking a long break is an improvement in health thanks to an absence of stress and the grind of daily life. Staying somewhere warmer and, potentially, an area offering a healthier diet is something that you should consider.

You may find that you’re more inclined to eat salad and fresh fruit in a hot country. Mediterranean cuisine tends to feature a lot of seasonal vegetables while tropical countries tend to eat a lot more exotic fruit – all of which are great for your body. And yes, we do think a fruity cocktail counts!

A dose of sunshine helps boost to our vitamin D reserves which are typically lower in the winter months – good news for our immune system! Think about heading to traditional winter sun destinations like the Spanish Costas or Tenerife.

3. Be Practical

Ask the post office to hold any mail for youHave you cancelled your post?

Although many hotels will offer attractive discounts the longer you stay, it’s wise to think about how you’re going to fund your lifestyle while you’re away. Think about how long you’re going to be away for and budget accordingly. Be realistic.

If you’re booking return flights make sure that you can change them in case you need to return home earlier for any reason.

Don’t forget about what you’re leaving behind. Have you informed your home insurance company you’re going to be away in case it has an impact on your policy? Can your neighbours keep an eye on your house to give you peace of mind? Have you cancelled your bills? Have you asked the Post Office to hold all of your mail until you’re back?

Finally, make sure you register for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you’re staying in Europe.

4. Travel Insurance

Examine your insurance policy so you know exactly what you're covered forThoroughly examine your travel policy

Read your travel insurance policy thoroughly and make sure you’re covered for the duration of your trip. Some annual policies might not cover you for single trips that last over one month.

Think about the activities you might be undertaking and make sure your insurer knows so that you get the right kind of cover. Consider the likes of medical expenses, personal liability, cancellation cover, baggage cover, policy excess and delay cover.

5. Choose your Accommodation Wisely

Make sure you don't get bored at your hotelMake sure your accommodation has enough to keep you entertained for the duration of your stay

Choosing the right accommodation is absolutely paramount. Look at the activities on offer. Are they the sort of things that will keep you occupied for the duration of your stay? Are you the sort of person that would enjoy a holiday packed full of adventure and adrenaline or would you rather lounge by the pool?

Also, think about what’s going on beyond your accommodation, is there plenty to see and explore? Does the hotel offer trips to the local or surrounding areas?

Getting the right mix of all the above should lead to a wonderful long, luxurious break that will recharge your batteries and might ignite your desire to do even more travelling – only this time with a view to staying that little bit longer.
Published 30th September 2016

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