Living it up in London

Living it up in London
After booking my flight to London in the UK, there was one experience above all others I was most excited about – meeting the Queen! But, it turned out she was too busy and didn’t have time to fit me in. Oh well, there was so much cool stuff to do, I ended up being pretty busy myself.

So, after a whirlwind trip of sightseeing in the capital, these are my top 4 moments from another amazing trip!

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

I noticed people in this country drink a lot of tea. Like every 30 minutes – so when everyone kept saying that afternoon tea was a really unique experience, I didn’t get the fuss. Tea. In the afternoon… how different was that from tea in the morning? Turns out if you go for tea at a place called The Ritz – it’s completely different!

Their website said that gentlemen had to wear a smart jacket and tie. Wasn’t sure if that applied to geckos, but I made sure I dressed up just in case. I’m so glad I did – The Ritz is the fanciest place I’ve ever visited! Glittering chandeliers, china tea cups on the table, a pianist playing in the background… I could tell afternoon tea here was going to be special.

And I wasn’t wrong! You get given a menu with 16 different teas, delicious sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and, my personal favourite, raisin and apple scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve. Oh wow, I could’ve eaten a million of them. Although my little gecko stomach was fit to burst after polishing off an entire cake stand of treats. Still, totally worth it!

Thames Speedboat Ride

London has so many sights it’s hard to pack everything in. So, I booked a high-powered speedboat ride down the Thames and saw some of the city’s famous attractions in next to no time – 75 minutes actually. What a rush!

We raced past sights like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and Tower Bridge – with a running commentary so we knew exactly what we were looking at.

As we went flying along, the waves came crashing up all around us. But even though it was a pretty bumpy ride, I was safely strapped down to a lovely padded seat (ideal for a gecko with a bony bum).

If you want to see the best sights in London, racing down the Thames on a speedboat is definitely the way to go. You might not get so wet on those sightseeing buses, but it’d be nowhere near as fun!

KidZania London

Tooykrub /

If families are looking for a fun day out with the kids, KidZania is the best place ever! It’s basically a huge child-size city where kids can try out 60 of the coolest jobs in the world. Being a gecko, I’ve obviously never had a job – unless chasing down insects and climbing walls all day counts? But this place really made me want one.

Kids get to do things like put out flames at a fire and rescue department, create delicious treats at a chocolate factory, perform shows at a theatre and become a DJ at a radio station. There’s even a science lab that lets them conduct experiments in a room full of bubbling test tubes – if that’s what scientists do all day, they’re having a lot of fun!

But it’s not all about the kids. Near the end of February, KidZania is having an evening just for adults involving cocktails, dinner and a chance to try all the amazing jobs out for themselves. An awesome way to find a new dream job I reckon!

The Dazzling West End

Bikeworldtravel /

According to my guidebook, the West End is one of London’s top tourist attractions, and it’s famous for having loads of luxury shops in exclusive places like Bond Street and Regent Street.

After my global adventures, the gecko travel fund is running a little low, but I didn’t let that stop me trying on some luxury items – gold watches, expensive aftershave, a silk scarf or two. I’m totally made for the millionaire lifestyle. After hitting the shops, I went off exploring some of the West End’s art galleries and museums (hands up, I’m a gecko with a passion for the arts).

But my top experience? That had to be visiting the West End’s famous theatres! After the first show, I was hooked. The music, the lights, the singing, the delicious ice creams they bring around during the interval – what’s not to love?

I managed to see loads of shows, but my favourite was Mamma Mia! I was waving my arms to all the songs. Although, I got a carried away during Super Trouper and accidentally flicked a glass of wine out of the hand of the man next to me. A gecko’s tail can be so hard to control!

By the time my trip in London was over, I was exhausted, but in the best way possible. And although I didn’t get to meet the Queen, it didn’t put a damper on my experience.

Anyway, time to move on to my next destination. Portugal, here I come!

Published 24th February 2016

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