How to pack like a pro

We’ve all done it – packed four pairs of shoes, seven pairs of shorts and the kitchen sink, then instantly regretted it. Lugging heavy luggage to the airport and hotel is no one’s ideal way to start a well-earned break. But, with a little know-how and a minimalist approach, stress-free packing is a very real possibility. Here are 5 top tips to help you to maximise your case space and lighten your load.

Write a holiday checklist

This might sound like the most obvious thing to do when preparing to go away, but creating a holiday list containing only items that you truly need –  and sticking to it – is an absolute must. Lists work well when you’re fighting the urge to pack unnecessary extras, and they’re a handy way of checking that you have all your belongings with you before your return journey.

PackLikeaPro2Put a plan in place and packing will be a breeze.

Process of elimination

If you have a passion for fashion then choosing your holiday outfits can be a difficult process. There’s only one answer: be practical. For example, choose two or three colour palettes so that you don’t have to bring an endless selection of shoes, handbags and accessories. Keep an eye on the weather forecast too as this will influence what you may want to bring with you.

PackLikeaPro3Try rolling your clothes to save even more space.

Good things come in small packages

Luxury liquids such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel can seriously weigh you down. Many high street stores stock travel-sized versions during the summer months, but these convenient beauty products can be costly. If you’d like to save money and space, then why not purchase refillable travel bottles? Also, don’t forget that there are restrictions on the amount of liquid permitted to be carried in hand luggage. We all like a few make up essentials in our handbag, so don’t get caught out at airport security. Make sure that you stick to the limit and take a clear plastic bag with you, otherwise you could be looking at anything up to a £2 charge at airport security for what is the equivalent of a sandwich bag!

PackLikeaPro4Use cling film and tape to prevent any leaks from your travel bottles.

Mind the gaps

Try and fill every gap you can. Thin tops, underwear and socks can all easily be rolled and fitted into your shoes or a zip compartment. And don’t forget that you also have room in your hand luggage. Valuables should be kept here too in the unlikely event that your suitcase is lost or stolen.

Always pack a beach towel and swimwear at the top just in case your room isn’t available when you arrive. If you want to take a dip in the pool to cool off while you wait, there’s nothing worse than having to open your suitcase and trawl through your underwear in the middle of hotel reception!

PackLikeaPro5Fill in the gaps to optimise your space.

Weigh up the options

Luggage scales not only help you to avoid unnecessary charges at the airport, but they’re also a great way to check your progress and new minimalist approach to packing. It’s not just weight you have to consider these days either. Don’t get caught out at the airport by having the wrong sized luggage. Hand luggage restrictions are different between airlines, with most now specifying the maximum size and dimensions of hand luggage, so make sure you check this out with the airline or your travel agent before you set off.

PackLikeaPro6Scales can help make your airport visit less expensive.

Published 1st October 2015

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