How to make your dream holiday a reality

Whether it’s an around the world cruise, a cross-country road trip in the USA, or two weeks with the kids in Disney World, everyone has that one ultimate dream holiday they long to take. Well, we have some great news – it no longer has to just be a fantasy.

With a little research and forward planning, you could be closer to your dream trip than you may have ever thought possible and, to help you even further along the way, we’ve pulled together some great money-saving tips to help turn your perfect holiday into a reality – without having to break the bank.

Separate your savings

The best way to kickstart your holiday fund is to open a savings account. This enables you to have better control of your money and ensures that it isn’t eaten up by your regular outgoings. Remember, your savings account doesn’t have to be with your current bank account provider, so search a comparison website to see if you can gain interest or additional benefits such as free mobile phone insurance or breakdown cover.

DreamHoliday2Be smart and save the pounds separately. 

Be disciplined

Calculate how much you can afford to save each month by factoring in any bills. This leaves you with a realistic estimate of your disposable income. Once you have settled on an amount, make sure that it is transferred into your savings account each time you’re paid, helping to avoid any spending temptations along the way. Maybe even think about setting up a standing order.

DreamHoliday3Don’t dip into your savings if you want to achieve your goal.

Break the habit

A little goes a long way and giving up unnecessary treats such as takeaways or alcohol can take you nearer towards your holiday goal. Why not give up coffee? The average UK cup of coffee costs £2.38 and, if you gave up drinking it on weekdays for just one month, you’d have an extra £76.16. Over a year, that’s an extra £602.14 in your pocket!

DreamHoliday4Breaking bad habits can save you money and has its health benefits.

The early bird catches the worm

Being decisive will make life a lot easier when it comes to booking your trip. Get in there as early as possible (waiting for a last minute deal could end in disappointment) and take advantage of the benefits an early booking provides such as better availability, choice, free child places etc. Crucially, it also offers you the chance to make regular payments rather than paying off a large balance just before you travel. Night flights can work out cheaper too and your travel agent will be happy to advise you on the best availability.

DreamHoliday5Booking your flight early can give you something to look forward to.

Curb your passion for fashion

The biggest expense for upcoming holidaymakers is new clothes. In fact, research has found that the average woman spends £245 on new clothes, accessories and toiletries before she even hits the airport runway. It may be tempting to splash the cash, but by showing discipline you could save money to spend on the holiday booking or when you’re away, so only purchase items that you actually need. Why not put that extra £245 towards a flight upgrade, a sea view or even upgrade your board basis?

DreamHoliday6Limit the amount you buy before you go away.

Published 1st October 2015

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