Getting in the Swim of things on Holiday

Spending time at the pool is always a holiday highlight, so here are a few tips to give you peace of mind and make the most of your time in the water.

Splashing about in the sunshine is a real treat – especially for children – and while the most important thing is to have lots of fun, sharing a few safety tips will make everyone’s holiday go even more swimmingly.

So here’s some advice as part of The ABTA Swim Safe campaign – a partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society which we are backing at Co-operative Travel.

  • Firstly, no-one should ever swim alone. Parents, always make sure your children are in sight, or best of all, get in the pool with them – it’s more fun and you can keep them close and safe
  • Know the lay of the land – like which is the deep end and which is the shallow end – and be sure to point this out to your children
  • Follow the pool rules and check if there is any safety equipment or a lifeguard on duty
  • Make sure you know how and where to get help if you need to
  • Weak or non-swimmers should use armbands or other flotation devices, but still keep an eye out that they don’t get out of their depth
  • Know both yours and your child’s swimming abilities and avoid swimming if they are getting tired or dehydrated as this could affect their strength
  • Finally, don’t swim if you’ve been drinking alcohol, or in the dark

Follow this advice, and you should have no problems keeping you and your loved ones safe and having as as much fun as possible in the water this summer.


Published 1st October 2015

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