Turn your holiday green with these eco-pledges

It’s easy to ignore the negative impact tourism can have on holiday destinations across the world, but we shouldn’t. Have you ever considered the environmental problems caused by the extra litter, the increased pollution, and the risks to the wildlife? Here at the Coop Travel blog, we discussed how you can make a positive impact … Continue reading Turn your holiday green with these eco-pledges

Turn your holiday green – and win a GoPro!

In 2018, the world is looking for ways to promote more environmental awareness. Wealthy influencers, huge companies, and entire countries are putting billions of pounds into reusable energy, climate action, and recycling programmes. Most people have realised the importance of living greener – and that goes double for when you are away on holiday, visiting … Continue reading Turn your holiday green – and win a GoPro!

Brand new single traveller holidays

The range of solo holidays and experiences has exploded in recent years – and our partner Solos is expanding that choice even further. We offer single traveller holidays for over 40s, over 50s, and over 60s. These range from relaxing to energetic, and include bear watching and guided bike tours in wild Finland, walking holidays … Continue reading Brand new single traveller holidays

Where’s the sun cream? Here’s our top 5 British heatwave holidays

This recent spate of warm weather has us thinking about how lucky we are to live in the UK. The British countryside, its coastline, and our cultural landmarks are impressive whatever the weather, but they truly shine when the sun bursts from the clouds. And let’s be honest: a single day out is rarely enough … Continue reading Where’s the sun cream? Here’s our top 5 British heatwave holidays

Avoid buying foreign currency at the airport

The difference between buying foreign currency at the airport and buying it elsewhere can be eye-watering. Reports during summer last year showed that some UK airports were exchanging £1 for as little as €0.90, when the pound-euro rate stood at €1.13. That would mean that if you were buying £500 of travel money, you would … Continue reading Avoid buying foreign currency at the airport

P&O Cruises: Explore the world in you

P&O Cruises will take you to the four corners of the earth – and beyond. The sheer range of experiences and breaks we can offer through P&O is staggering, meaning that we’ll find your perfect cruise holiday, whatever you are hungry for. From sophisticated luxury to rugged adventures, and from far-flung journeys Down Under to … Continue reading P&O Cruises: Explore the world in you

Best places to visit in Turkey

For people who have been to Turkey, the appeals will be obvious. A Mediterranean climate for sun worshippers; a cuisine that’s perfect for people with a sweet tooth, as well as carnivores and spice lovers; unforgettable buildings and landmarks; and one of the most spectacular coastlines and window-clear oceans you are ever likely to see. … Continue reading Best places to visit in Turkey

Theme parks in Gran Canaria

While most people will choose a Gran Canaria holiday for the beautiful beaches and spectacular weather, the theme parks are a good enough excuse to visit on their own. From hi-octane, pulse-pumping action to some of the most soothing sights in the world, and from swimming underwater to flying through the air, Gran Canaria is … Continue reading Theme parks in Gran Canaria

The hidden gems of the USA!

Let’s steer away from Route 66 on to a less beaten path, from New York to a piercing-blue spring, which is edged with sunshine-yellow soil, a real Wyoming gem. We’re talking about stunning views that are so beautiful they’ll leave tears in your eyes and etch themselves in your memories forever. At Co-op Travel we’re … Continue reading The hidden gems of the USA!

Top 10 things to do in the Caribbean & Mexico.

The masters of all-inclusive luxury, in some of the most picturesque settings, has to be the Caribbean Islands and Mexico. There is, however, far more to do in Mexico and the Caribbean than sunbathing on bleached white sand beaches and admiring the clear blue skies – there’s a world of experiences. At Co-op Travel, we’re … Continue reading Top 10 things to do in the Caribbean & Mexico.

Discover Australia

Hello everyone! I’m Kerry, and ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated with all things Australia, how far away it was and all the unusual animals I could only hope to see in real life. As a Travel Agent I have specialised in Australian holidays and love putting together the perfect packages for … Continue reading Discover Australia

Hidden Treasures of Thailand

I’m Bev, I work for Co-op Travel in Dudley and was given the chance to visit Thailand recently. When they told me I was wouldn’t be seeing any of their beautiful tropical beeches my first thoughts were… really! What else is there see and do?